Australia's First and Only Alpine Via Ferrata

The thrilling new adventure at Mount Buller is now open!

Adventure Beyond the Edge!

Imagine being able to explore, traverse and climb the spectacular and exciting west face of Mount Buller – as a complete novice!

This is what RockWire offers, the thrill and exhilaration of extreme activities, like rock climbing and mountaineering, but in complete safety and requiring only the basic skills of hiking and climbing a ladder.

The RockWire Difference

Nestled in the breathtaking vistas of Mt Buller, RockWire is more than just a climb; it’s a journey through the heart of the mountains, inviting enthusiasts of all levels to jump into an exhilarating, shared adventure.

Our guided climbs, tailored for both novices and seasoned climbers, promise a blend of challenge and thrill, wrapped in the safety of top-notch equipment as you ascend over fixed anchors, steel cable bridges and steps under the expert eye of our guides.

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