Adventure Beyond the Edge


It is hard to argue that the view, on a good day, from on top of Mount Buller is breathtaking! However, the view west at sunset looking towards Mansfield and Lake Eildon is one of the best.

A short hike up the summit stairs from the car park is a popular summer-time must for those visiting the area. When driving towards the mountain, even before you reach Mansfield, the first views of Mount Buller’s intimidating and rarely visited west face are spectacular and exciting. Only the odd Pied Currawong and extreme ice climber visit its steep gullies and sheer rock faces.

Imagine then, being able to explore, traverse and climb these steep cliffs, 1000m above the valley floor – as a complete novice.

The Experience

This is what RockWire offers: the thrill and exhilaration of extreme activities like rock climbing and mountaineering, but in complete safety, and only needing the knowledge and fitness of someone who can hike and climb a ladder.

Its closest comparison in Australia, maybe, is a natural version of the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb.

James Webb

Founder of RockWire

“Bringing RockWire to Mt Buller was about sharing the legacy of the Via Ferrata with Australia – to offer a climb that’s steeped in history yet provides new adventures. My experiences climbing in Europe and guiding North America’s iron pathways taught me that overcoming vertical challenges is profoundly empowering.

It’s this sense of empowerment, combined with the awe of Mt Buller’s stunning views, that I am thrilled to share with adventurers of all levels who come to experience it.

RockWire is more than a climb; it’s an invitation to go beyond the edge and touch the sky, to stretch your limits and discover the exhilaration of the ascent amidst the splendour of Mt Buller.”